• A world-class institution with a faculty that is committed to imparting the best of value based higher education in Central India.

• The Institute is established by India's leading Education, Skill Development And Services group, SVCSPS which is, the sponsoring body of this Institute.

• The faculty consists of qualified and experienced teachers with MCA, B.Ed., PGDCA from acclaimed institutions.

• Encouragement along with motivation, paves one's way towards excellence and as a testament to this fact, the Institute encourages the students to participate in activities such as sports and other cultural events held at both state and national levels.

• Besides education, the varsity also motivates the students to excel in extra-curricular activities such as dance, music, debate and quiz.

• An in-demand professional skill set requires a competitive mind, the freedom of thought and the zeal to excel in one's chosen academic field. Here on campus, through innovative professional courses, the students get the opportunity to imbibe such qualities and groom themselves to be competitive and innovative professionals.

• Coaching is provided by the experts in order to nurture and enhance the logical reasoning and communication skills of the students.

• Provision of Counseling, Training, Placement Support and Personality Grooming by the Institute, forms an integral part of our endeavor to ensure a successful employment for our students.

• The Institute is situated in a calm, serene and tranquil environment which is away from the city's traffic and pollution, making it an ideal place for learning along with holistic personality development.

• Through a host of quality facilities, a dedicated faculty and a world-class infrastructure, we ensure that at SviiTInstitute, you experience some of the best years of your life that groom you into confident and responsible adults.


Our innovative and interactive pedagogy includes various facilities and provisions like:

- A host of e-learning facilities that revolutionize the pattern of teaching and learning, by laying an emphasis and focus on building the students' enthusiasm and productivity. Thus, we ensure a better quality of learning by utilizing LCD projectors, Video Audio Learning System (VALS), Online Education Platforms and Classroom Teaching through ISRO Satellite Services.

- A holistic industry exposure through a variety of educational excursions to various relevant industries and workshops.

- Frequent opportunities of experiencing seminars, workshops, conferences, symposiums and lectures conducted by experts.

- Inviting distinguished personalities from various sectors in order to hold demonstrations that provide valuable professional insights to the students.

- Conducting Compulsory Self-analysis Tests every month.


An innovative approach towards education and learning forms the backbone of every endeavor of the Institute. We believe in an interactive learning environment where teaching is a two-way process through which, the students get involved in all the activities being conducted in the Institute. Keeping in mind all these aspects, the teaching methodology of the Institute has been aptly framed.

- Here, teaching does not become a one-way process. It goes beyond the four walls of a classroom. To imbibe the freedom of thought in oneself, the students are engaged through an innovative and pro-active pedagogy.

- There is a transparent self-appraisal performance system for the students.

- To know how the teaching and curriculum can be improved, a student feedback system has been incorporated.

- A carefully planned academic calendar that is designed to ensure the most productive utilization of the student's time.

- Video Audio Learning System (VALS) and other innovative tools, further enhance the style and pattern of education imparted.