SviiT Computer Education is a premier organization in the field of Information Technology and has been known for providing quality Computer Education, Our Courses & IT Services meeting global standard of excellence to the Students and Corporate world SviiT Computer Education is a premier IT education Institute. Established in 2008, SviiT is a pioneer in IT software & hardware training. The goal of our various professional and career courses is to educate our students in the theory and practical of latest technology. Our mission is to produce versatile and resourceful professionals who are relevantly qualified for their chosen profession and vocations within an educational environment that fosters innovation, enterprise and enthusiasm for excellence.

Our Core Values

- Innovative Culture

We seek continuous improvement and excellence in everything we do.

- Teamwork

Committed to work as a team, which we believe directly impacts success of SviiT

- Motivation

Motivating the incumbent and developing the best talent stretching our pupil and developing a "can do" attitude

- Total Student Satisfaction

we focus on our students to understand and exceed their expectations.

We Will Provide Our Students

Well-designed Courses, fairly graded, helpful for students with a wide range of abilities and experience. Curricula that are up-to-date and prepare students with relevant knowledge and skills for leading-edge industrial jobs.The opportunity to provide student a good job and placement in leading companies. An open & friendly environment, in which all students, regardless of colour, religion, gender, customs, or sexual orientation, will feel at home.


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